Busi Mabuza leads South Africa’s BRICS Business Council into the Future

Meet the new woman in charge of BRICS in South Africa.

“Busi Mabuza has just been appointed Chair of the South African chapter of the BRICS Business Council. Also the chairperson of the Industrial Development Corporation, she speaks to FORBES AFRICA about her plans for trade and investment.

What is your first point of focus as the chair of the South African chapter of the BRICS Business Council?

It is still early days. I am just lucky I was appointed to the BRICS Council last year… In my few months, my sense was that the sister countries in BRICS were much more organized in terms of what it is they are looking for and in bringing a coordinated voice of business. We were still trying to get there in terms of coordinating our efforts and channeling our objectives and making sure we agree on the priorities.”

Click here to read more: https://www.forbesafrica.com/woman/2019/02/19/time-for-business-to-roll-up-its-sleeves/

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