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Catering for private and public sector needs across the various phases of growth and impact

Whether your organization is seeking an entry strategy in a specific country in Africa, a deeper understanding of key demographics or assessing impact, Afriqinsights combines the team’s local heritage with its top-tier consulting experience to ensure rapid execution and reliable and accurate data to make well-informed decisions for your projects.

Transforming raw data into actionable insights

In a highly fragmented market research and consulting ecosystem, Afriqinsights provides an end-to-end solution.
We ensure that our clients and partners receive reliable and accurate data and information by relying on best practice research methodologies encompassing quantitative mass surveys and human centric qualitative research, typically using a mixed-method research approach. 
Our local research teams conduct and execute the data collection whilst our project managers providing oversight and guidance, ensuring stringent quality checks are met.

Ensuring that projects are achieving their goals, and on par with quality standards

Impact assessment: We offer investors and other stakeholders clarity and comfort on the effectiveness of their efforts in underlying projects. We assess the economic, social, and environmental effects of their activities, both intended and unintended . We aim to advise related parties about possible ramifications or deviations from original plans, enhance transparency of the project, and try to identify evidence-based tweaks and corrections when needed.
Program Evaluation & Formative Studies: In both the private and public sectors, stakeholders would want to know whether their programs are having impact, and whether they are doing so as efficiently and effectively as possible. We rely on both quantitative and qualitative methods to answer these questions, identify how a program can be improved, whether it is viable and if there are unintended outcomes to the program.
MEL Support: A thoughtful MEL framework can help organizations learn from their programs, document their effectiveness, and communicate results to donors and stakeholders in a comprehensive manner. We guide program staff in designing holistic MEL frameworks, from developing indicators and data collection tools, to supporting the interpretation and analysis of findings.

Identifying the different consumer segments in obscure African markets to gain competitive advantage

A one-size fits all approach does not work well in identifying the different segments in the African population due to massive contrasts in behaviors, perceptions and culture, amongst other data points. 
Our capabilities and our long presence in the region allow us to reliably identify the different segments of consumers and users in Africa for your profiling needs. We enable businesses and organisations to be better connected with their target audience, leading to enhanced customer/user experiences and more meaningful solutions through well defined personas, user profiles and journeys.

Challenging the status quo and understanding behaviors and preferences of your customers

Although business opportunities are exciting and bountiful in Africa, uncertainties about entering a specific industry, or launching a new product still exist and could prove to be very costly if not well executed.
Based on our expert knowledge and deep understanding of the consumer market, we aim to minimize and limit your potential losses by putting you in an informed and stronger position. We achieve this position by offering market validations through feasibility studies, prototype testing and brand and perception studies.

Flexible and tailored solutions to your needs

Our flexibility and willingness to serve our clients extends far from the range of solutions we have presented previously. In order to better serve you and help you achieve your market research needs; we tailor solutions on a case by case basis. Please get in touch and we will assess how we can help you to gain transparency.


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