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Catering for private and public sector needs across the various phases of growth and impact

Whether your organisation is seeking an entry strategy in a specific country in Africa, a deeper understanding of key demographics or assessing impact, Afriqinsights combines the teams local heritage with its top-tier consulting experience to ensure rapid execution and reliable and accurate data to make well-informed decisions for your projects.
Our solutions are bespoke and we design the research methodology and project plan from inception.
Below are our core solutions of which our team has significant experience in implementing projects. If your requirements or needs are not mentioned, please do fill out the form below and we will assess the execution feasibility from our end.


Ensuring well-informed decisions

The foundation of the services we offer begins with helping our clients and partners in making well-informed decisions; we do this through our primary market research and data collection solutions. Our bespoke and human-centric approach ensures that we capture the data as per the objective and requirements at hand.

We use best practice research methodologies encompassing quantitative mass surveys and qualitative research (key informant interviews, in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, workshops) typically using a mixed-method approach for projects we undertake.

This includes engaging our local research teams (across over 20 countries in Africa) to undertake primary research, allowing us to maintain full control of research activities on the ground and adapt as necessary, thereby ensuring a low margin of error and drawing out insights that would otherwise be very difficult to obtain.

Depending on the scope of the project, we can undertake remote mobile quantitative surveys utilising our in-house partners, in particular extreme remote or hard to reach geographic areas.




Behaviors and customer journeys

A key issue across Africa is understanding the needs and requirements of general population. 

one size fits all approach does not work with massive contrasts in income levels, geography, gender and age. There is limited to no data on the various segments of demographics in most African countries. 

Our objective is to gain an in-depth understanding of specific demographics, their behaviours and attitudes, and illustrate their personas and user journeys, whether a public sector gender impact study or a private sector customer profiling project.




Measuring market perception

By identifying your target audience, we deep dive into understanding user experience and explore the challenges and issues that your key users and customers are facing.

Whether trust, customer support or price sensitivity, we will be able to provide key insights into existing and prospective user preferences, loyalty, awareness and unique selling points.




Program evaluation and return on investment

Undertaking evaluations and measuring impact are becoming increasingly imperative in both our public and private sector partners and clients.

Our clients and partners would like to understand whether ongoing projects and investments are achieving its intended results, make evidence-based tweaks and corrections, quantify impact and draw key lessons learnt. 



If the above solutions do not adhere to your needs, please do get in touch by filling out the form below and we will assess how we can help you to gain transparency and the insights you are looking for.


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