Our bespoke approach ensures a thorough resolution of your requirements, from inception to delivery.

Throughout the project we strive to engage our clients in every step along the way. Our carefully crafted methodology aims to resolve all of your problems regardless of their complexity or scope in a structured and systematic manner. It empowers our research solutions due to its suppleness.




In this initial stage, we identify the major challenges you might be facing, and pinpoint the goals and objectives you seek to achieve (help you readjust your goals if needed). We “diagnose” the situation, explore the best fitting research methodology and identify the project’s milestones that best satisfies your research needs.
Output: Initial proposal providing guidance on designing most effective and efficient research methodologies and Scope of Work (SoW)
research methodology



After grasping the full context of your needs, and identifying your main objectives, we move to the “implement” phase. We mobilise our local teams, work closely with them to equip them with the necessary tools and extend guidance and periodic reviews on their progress. We aim to ensure that all of the requirements of the SoW and goals set before are met within the agreed timeline.
Output: Initial data sets collected and structured & Ongoing data analysis and assessment of hypotheses and approach adapting accordingly




Once we have undertaken the data collection, we move on to deliver on the key objectives of the SoW. We analyse the data collected by our teams and transform them into valuable insights in order to help you make better-informed decisions. We present our findings and recommendations in detailed reports showcasing our analysis.
Output: Timely final delivery of data sets and reports & Post-completion feedback and potential next steps


In order to ensure meaningful insights and content, we abide by the highest of quality standards. 

We achieve this by having the stringent processes and policies combined with project-by-project training and leadership that creates a positive environment for our staff to excel in the service they provide.

We believe it is important to understand the risks involved in providing the service delivery. We manage risks in a pragmatic way and continuously improve; we identify the risk, we assess the options to manage, mitigate, avoid or eliminate the risk.

Ethics Policy

We pride ourselves by embedding our research ethics policy into our day-to-day activities. We have developed our Research Ethics Policy in order to always be in the position of serving your best. We believe that ethical conduct in our research activities enhances accountability and transparency when undertaking any business decisions.

We typically adhere to the IFC Exclusion List regarding the projects we would not accept or collaborate on.

We subscribe to the privacy rules, International Code of Conduct on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics drawn up by ESOMAR, a global trade organization for research firms.


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