Expert insights on how to think about investing in Africa

There are several things to know when considering in investing in Africa. In a recent McKinsey & Co blog article, experts give their understanding about investment and where the potential lies in Africa.

“With more than 50 countries, 2,000 languages, and countless growing markets, Africa can hardly be summed up as a single entity. But one thing can be said about the birthplace of humanity: it’s young. The average age is 19.5; in Europe, for example, it’s closer to 46.
McKinsey has spoken with numerous Africa experts who encourage companies to invest in the continent’s people and harness technology to take on its biggest challenges. Fred Swaniker, the cofounder of the African Leadership Academy, notes that Africa offers a dynamic, rapidly urbanizing population eager to work and learn. Opportunities abound—from increasing financial inclusion to realizing Africa’s agricultural potential.”

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