A Powerful Tool for Foreign Investors Interested in Africa

Africa’s diversity and complexities can bring certain challenges to global investors. The Global Markets Complexity Index can bring more clarity, confidence and assurance to investors looking to understand what markets to venture in.

“In a continent as economically and politically diverse as Africa, it’s almost impossible to paint all 55 countries with the same brush or group them together easily to address nearly any important question.  If you’re a large corporate entity considering entry into some of those markets, that only adds to your uncertainty.

International corporates have a vital role to play in the economic future of most African countries. Foreign direct investment into Africa is expected to have risen by 20% in 2018 to $50 billion after dropping by 21% to $42 billion in 2017, according to UNCTAD.  Those corporates, particularly the newcomers to Africa, will be keen to understand which markets are the best ones to make their bets.”

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