How Mothers in Zambia manage their Finances

United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) partners with Afriqinsights

How Mothers in Zambia manage their Finances

In partnership with the research firm Afriqinsights, UNCDF MM4P has conducted a comprehensive research study (including qualitative and quantitative research) of over 750 mothers across Zambia.

The objective of the study was to map the financial lives of Zambian mothers:

  • Understand their current level of access, awareness and usage of digital financial services
  • Identify the major financial and non-financial challenges they face
  • Explore the potential to develop digital financial services that could potentially address some of these challenges

You will find the profiles of four mothers from the socioeconomic and geographic segments that were included in the study:

  • Urban high-income
  • Urban middle-income
  • Rural low-income

Read what factors influence how these mothers earn, save, spend and plan for the future:


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