Women are leading Africa’s tech revolution

Women in tech are often valued for being set on making a difference in a male dominated field. In Africa it’s no different and it is highly important they do lead and have others follow the way.

“It’s often said that you cannot be what you cannot see. The truth of this adage is becoming clear especially in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers, where a lack of female role models is increasingly cited as a key driver of women’s underrepresentation in these fields. But a new generation of female role models is emerging in technology, and some hope that their increased visibility will help confront gender stereotypes that often discourage young women from pursuing the careers of the future.

The 2ndAfrica Summit on Women and Girls in Technology held recently in Accra offered a powerful example of this new vanguard. More than 250 advocates, policymakers, innovators and technologists gathered for the conference to explore and advance solutions around access, affordability, digital skills, digital entrepreneurship, and digital safety.”

Click here to read more: http://blogs.worldbank.org/nasikiliza/techwomenafrica-female-role-models-lead-the-way-in-sub-saharan-africas-digital-transformation