A mobile industry trade body was looking to assess and quantify the women gap in phone usage across three countries as part of a larger project in assessing gender contributions to society.



Through various discussions with the client, we collectively designed a methodology that would provide the best results. We conducted the study in three distinct phases:

In-depth Interviews: One hour interviews with 20 top management women leaders in the countries.

Focus Group Discussions: Eight sessions of focus group discussions with 48 recruited respondents.

Mass Market Survey: 3,000 user surveys across urban and rural locations across each country, representative of the country demographics.



We provided a detailed report and database combining the results attained from the three phases, outlining key insights and analysis. The outputs included:

Quantitative output based on insights from IDIs and FGs with full database and tabulated results by segments.

Transcripts of each interview, recordings and key insights for the in-depth interviews and focus group discussions, helping to understand business women daily routine regarding phone usage in developing countries as well as the phone usage among men and women in both urban and rural locations.

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