Our client, a global wholesale and food service business group, aimed to explore and quantify the demand and supply side of the traditional retail market in a populous African city. After discussions with client we designed an suitable approach.


Given the lack of information on the traditional retail market in this city, we designed a methodology that will provide a comprehensive representation of the sector. We conducted the study in three distinct phases:

Retail Census: Our team covers street-by-street segmented areas of a city, counting and capturing relevant information on all the retail locations.

Retail Interviews: We conduct in-depth interviews with a significant number of owners from various types of retail outlets.

Economic Forecast: Assessing economic dynamics impacting the market by modelling indicators such as expected GDP evolution, inflation, modernisation rate in the retail industry combined with primary data obtained from retail census and interviews.


We were able to provide the client with an extensive database and report facilitating their roadmap and strategic decision. The outputs included:

  • Comprehensive database and map of existing outlets and key characteristics such as type, key products and GPS Coordinates.
  • Transcripts and notes detailing highlights of interviews as well as quantifiable indicators such as average spending on selected product categories, frequency of orders and purchases with suppliers.
  • Economic and financial model, forecasting evolution of retail outlets and market size over next 10 years.
“The team showed a quick understanding of the our business and sector and in turn conducting
a deep customer analysis. Professional, thorough and adaptable, especially so that this was their first project in this city.”

– Vice President of International Expansion

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