A think tank and African government advisor was looking to undertake a three country study to understand the key challenges and initiatives in the financial inclusion space through in-depth research and discussions with key stakeholders from the regulatory space, the private sector and the demand side with a focus on youth and women, who tend to be the marginalised segments of the population.


We designed a methodology that would address the three groups of stakeholders effectively and leverage our local contacts to engage dialogue. We conducted the study in four distinct phases:

Country Inception Report: Conducted secondary research to understand the current status quo of the country including legal and policy framework, private sector overview and previous similar research.

Expert Interviews: Leveraging our local contacts to engage more than15 in-depth interviews with regulatory stakeholders (Central Bank, Ministry of Finance, SEC, relevant development agencies and NGOs) and private sector players (mobile money and telecom operators, money transfer operators, micro-finance firms and banks)

Demand Side Research: Focus Group Discussions We conducted six focus group discussions with participants from youth and women segments of the population.

Demand Side Research Mass Survey: Almost 500 user surveys across urban and rural locations, representative of the country demographics for the selected segments of the population.


We provided a detailed report and database combining the results attained from the five phases, outlining key insights and analysis. The outputs included:

  • Country inception report provided a background and understanding of the current initiatives and frameworks, allowing us to identify gaps that we addressed in designing the research tools.
  • Mass survey allowed us to quantify insights on key analytical framework measures including access, usage, quality and welfare.
  • Detailed notes of each interview, recordings and key insights for the expert interviews,
  • Validation workshop: hosting a workshop inviting the various stakeholders, allowed us to create dialogue and open discussions as well as validating our results from findings.
  • Using combined findings, a detailed report was produced and combined with other country findings. The report is being published and will be used as a basis for further discussions with regulators in each country to plan future implementation steps to address challenges noted from the findings.

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