A multi-lateral institution was looking to understand and explore the financial lives of typical mothers, the implications of the various interruptions and key challenges they face, in particular with regards to digital financial services (DFS). The data and results will be then used to develop DFS solutions in partnership with the private sector, ultimately contributing to the financial inclusion of the country.


We designed a methodology that would best capture the various intricacies and details of the typical mother as well as quantifiable data and statistics. We conducted the study in three distinct phases:

Desk Research: Conducted desk research to understand the supply side of the market, the current product offering, as well as similar research previously done in other developing countries.

In-depth Interviews: One hour interviews with 25 mothers in various locations and segmented SEC income levels.

Mass Market Survey: 725 user surveys across urban and rural locations across country, representative of the country demographics for the selected segment of the population.


We provided a detailed report and database combining the results attained from the three phases, outlining key insights and analysis. The outputs included:

  • Desk research report provided a background and understanding of the DFS market and current solutions, as well as ideas and insights from previous research studies
  • Detailed notes of each interview, recordings and key insights for the in-depth interviews, helping to develop initial hypotheses and understand their financial lives, including their financial habits, cash dependency and use of DFS
  • Mass survey provided output that backed findings from IDIs, allowing us to quantify key insights such as knowledge, access and usage of DFS and informal financial services
  • Using combined findings, we illustrated the financial journeys of selected profiles, from upbringing to mature motherhood, highlighting the impact each stage had on being aware and using financial services as well as their dependency on cash
“Afriqinsights displayed a good understanding of the cultural and social settings we work in which
enabled them to effectively engage with the research clients and obtain the required information.
Their field team displayed a level of competence and professionalism”.


– Project and Knowledge Management Consultant

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