Our client, a governmental export agency, wanted to assess the potential import opportunities and quantify the potential market size in selected cities in two countries.


The approach we took involved an element of secondary research and undertaking qualitative and quantitative methods thereby providing a top-down overview of the sector and macro-economic impact. We conducted the following:

In-depth interviews with market regulators:
Conducted one hour interviews with agricultural regulators, veterinary services authority and customs agency to understand the regulation framework, trade barriers and similar.

In-depth interviews with market players: Conducted one hour interviews with several players, understanding capabilities and needs of key producers, distributors, importers, processors and retailers

Field market visits and store audits: Visiting production facilities, slaughterhouses, distributors import warehouses and retail locations conducting price and products audits


We were able to provide the client with in-depth insights on the meat and fish markets along with key factors impacting the sector. The outputs for two countries included:

  • Highlights of macro-economic indicators, trade barrier analysis, import and quality and health regulations, etc that impact the meat and fish sector.
  • In-depth analysis of market, potential opportunities and market size along with profiles of key players.
  • Detailed notes of each interview providing insights on challenges and needs in market.
  • Market prices database, pictures of retail outlets and produce.

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