ShopRunner CEO Sam Yagan on Building a “Data Culture”

In an interview with McKinsey & Company, CEO Sam Yagan discusses his years of experience in different areas of entrepreneurship and how data is central to his operations and the key to being part of the team at ShopRunner.

“Sam Yagan has led an illustrious entrepreneurial career by embracing data and innovation. He helped transform online dating when he cofounded OkCupid, which continually searched for unique ways to leverage user data to increase the chances of singles finding compatible mates. After selling the successful company to the Match Group, he became the dating conglomerate’s CEO, during which time the group innovated digital matchmaking again by introducing the “swipe” method for companion selection in its Tinder app. […]

How has Yagan’s companies had so much success innovating and putting data to work while other organizations continue to struggle to get these efforts off the ground? He recently sat down with McKinsey’s Laura DeLallo to share the secret to success: creating the right culture. The following commentary is adapted from that interview.”

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