Afriqinsights/UNCDF Research Study Results Show that Zambian Mothers are lacking Awareness of Digital Financial Services

With half of Zambia’s mother’s being from rural low- and middle- income, becoming more financially healthy is a common goal. Last year’s research study on the financial lives of Zambian mothers showed some valuable findings on what challenges they face.

“On Sunday 13 May, many regions of the world celebrated Mother’s Day, to honor mothers and acknowledge their influence in society.

One in three Zambian women are mothers, over 1.5 million people. Yet, there are no digital solutions on the market that cater to their specific needs and characteristics.

In October 2017, in partnership with a research firm Afriqinsights, MM4P kicked off a research project to delve deeper into the lives of Zambian mothers and understand their (non) financial habits and challenges, household dynamics, as well as their dreams and aspirations.

Results indicate that 50% of mothers in Zambia are rural, low- and middle-income. And they are the least likely to have used or even heard of digital financial services. Only 40% of them have a mobile wallet registered in their name. And of those that have a wallet, less than 60% have used the wallet to conduct a transaction in the last three months. Mothers in this group have mostly used their mobile wallets to receive money from family and friends in urban areas and to save a little bit when they could. However, most them are unaware of other digital services, such as bill or merchant payments, credit and insurance.”

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