ACET hosts a validation workshop on financial inclusion in Zambia

On November 6th, 2018, leaders and key stakeholders gathered in Lusaka, Zambia. Afriqinsights diffused findings during interviews on validating the study on financial inclusion.

“Through the workshop, key stakeholders interviewed during a multi-country study on promoting women’s and youth financial inclusion will have the opportunity to appraise and validate the findings of the study. The workshop will also allow the research team to hear the opinions and views of other stakeholders not interviewed during the research.

Sub-Saharan Africa has made significant progress in financial inclusion, however, there is continued marginalization of a large segment of the population – rural dwellers, the women and the youth. Research from the African Development Bank, the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, Women’s World Banking and the World Bank also consistently highlight the extent of women’s and youths’ exclusion and the efforts to empower them by closing exclusion gaps.”

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